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Ready to read more from Mina Carter and Susan Hayes?

We’ve compiled a list of our free first-in-series books to introduce you to new worlds full of hot aliens, sexy cyborgs, and so much more.

Mina Carter:

Alien Lord’s Captive – Warriors of the Lathar

She’s trained for everything up to and including alien invasion. One problem. No one told her aliens would be so damn sexy.

And if you would like to check out the audiobook – Mina has it set up as a FREE podcast. (releasing one chapter at a time)

Zodiac Cyborgs – Her Empath

Even a rogue can be brought to heel by love

Susan Hayes:

Double Down – The Drift: Astek Station

They were weapons in someone else’s war. Now they’re just want to live in peace…

Joran – Star-crossed Alien Mail Order Brides

What do you do when your planet runs out of women?  Send for takeout, of course.